The drilling involves not only the sinking of a borehole.

1. Request a quote and let us know about your needs.
2. Once you've decided to accept the quote we can do the siting and establish the most suitable site for the installation. Remeber in urban areas it's fairly impossible to make use of magnetometers because the infrastructure, telephone lines, pipelines, building & electrical lines causes interference with the readings. We offer the diving free of charge to all our customers whom have accepted our quote. Please always do take into consideration that the however our success rate is impeccable at 95% over the past 25 years, no one can see under the ground therefor, no one can will ever be able to guarantee the amount of water, the water quality or the depth at which the water will be found. We also cannot be held liable if no water is found during the drilling. If you wish to use an alternative method to us doing the divining, you can request a hydrological survey at your own cost. 
3. We mobilize our rig to get to you as soon as possible
4. In "normal" ground formations  we make use of "DTH" (down the hole) drilling. A hammer & drill bit at the end of the drill rod strikes the rock while the rod constantly rotates and the high pressure air blow the drill rubble out of the hole. The first few meters of the construction the hole gets reamed with a larger diameter until we are through the unstable loose formation, a 177mm steel casing are installed to serve as a wall for the borehole so that it cannot collapse and cave in and it also blocks out the surface water that may be contaminated. The estimated depth for this usually are between 6m and 36m and depends on the amount of overburden. We cannot beforehand confirm the amount of casing that will be needed and each and every borehole is unique. If needed we will recommend our clients to install upvc inner liner that will be perforated as this serves as a filter keeping rocks out but allowing free flow of water. Not always is this optional and it might be a case of very loose unstable formations where steel casing or upvc may be needed from top to bottom. We will do recommendations during the drilling process. If we do recommendations during the drilling process and the client wish to not take up our expert advise a waiver will need to be signed confirming this. 
A Borehole's estimated depth may range from 40m - 250m or even deeper. We will constantly give our experienced advise on the depths according to the rock chippings we get from the samples and the experience we have from the area.

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